Established in 1992, PACE recruits for Fortune 500 corporations and small businesses in St. Louis (and beyond).  Our clients count on our superior service, uncompromising ethics and our extensive network of IT, accounting, finance, human resources, administrative and supply chain professionals.  We focus on relationship building to find not only the right skillset, but also the best personality and cultural fit.

At PACE, we listen before we search.  We conduct customized searches at all levels, from entry level to executive, both permanent and temporary.  Our approach is solution-oriented.  We listen to our clients, clarify their needs and go the extra mile to ensure the right match.  Every candidate and every search is an investment, partnering with you for workforce success.

We are located in the City Place business complex, Building One
We are located in the City Place business complex, Building One


"I owe a great deal of gratitude to Abby for believing in me and working with me, on getting established into my new career. She is very professional, driven, dedicated, and truly amazing to work with. She will devote her time and resources for you to get the opportunity you want. She is truly a unicorn and I highly recommend her to represent you." - J.H.

"I’m extremely grateful to Abby and I recommend everyone to her. She found the perfect role for me, coached me through the interview process — which included helping me communicate my skills more effectively — and continued to advocate for me when I landed and progressed in the position. I owe a lot to her expertise and guidance." - E.Z.

"Kelly is extremely motivated and was a pleasure to work with. It was my first experience with a recruiting firm and I was impressed with her dedication and professionalism. She is very enthusiastic in her work and I would recommend her to anyone." - Christine

“Working with PACE was a great experience and my recruiter located a position with a great organization that matched my skill set. In comparison to other technical recruiters I have worked with, Pace focused on finding opportunities that met the criteria of my job search. My other experiences left me feeling that recruiters were providing opportunities which boxed me into the opportunities they had available and not what matched my experience the best. I would highly recommend PACE to my acquaintances and also to any organizations looking for help finding viable position candidates!”

“The Recruiters at PACE Staffing are not only your recruiter but also your partner. They will try to understand your skill set, your ambition, and your standards first; then will match you with the best opportunity that fits all of your requirements. They follow through the process and make sure you are completely comfortable with some of your most tough career decisions. If you ever wonder what you can achieve, give them a call!”

“PACE was one of the few firms I’ve dealt with that actually wanted to make sure someone was a good fit for a position instead of just collecting percentage.”

"Kelly is very enthusiastic with her work, great personality and very driven. She took time to coach me and kept me informed throughout the process. Whether I was looking to fill a position or make a career change, Kelly is some one I would turn to." - Mark


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