Angie Lesser

Recruiting Manager |

Angie has over 19 years of sales experience, and over nine years of specialized sales and recruiting experience in the IT industry.  She has been with Pace since 2007 and is the account manager for multiple clients as well as a Recruiting Manager.  Her talents include client management as well as proactively recruiting talent in all aspects of IT, from technicians, to developers, to CIOs.  She provides excellent customer service and the ability to find the right fit for your organization through screening, reference checks, and evaluations of the qualifications of each candidate.  This includes candidate skills, personality, and adaptability.  Angie is very outgoing and will always listen to your needs. She is extremely attentive to detail and will present the area’s top talent for your organization.  While working both “sides of the desk”, Angie does a fantastic job of finding out exactly what the clients’ needs are, both technically and culturally, and then effectively translates those needs to the rest of the staff who work diligently at finding the right overall fit.